b'CAMP HOSTCamp Host provides the opportunity for Club members to educate other four wheel drivers how tosustain our recreation through education and minimum impact activitiesCamp Host is a program which was The presence of a Camp Host, in ourdeveloped by the Four Wheel Drive Advisory case an affiliated four-wheel drive club, willCommittee, comprising of members of ensure that travellers have a point ofFour Wheel Drive Victoria, Parks Victoria and contact for information and assistance. the Department of Environment, Land, Water Visitors to a Camp Host site are givenand planning. This program provides for information regarding environmentalmembers of a club to host a particular awareness and education which they cancamping site, usually during peak holiday take away with them and utilise on futureperiods, to discourage negative behaviour, trips.and inform campers about environmentallysustainable camping practices.Four wheel drive club members provideCamp Host supports the principle that information to campers at popular destinationsrecreational four wheel drive clubs areover peak holiday periods across Victoriamuch better at educating and policing notonly theirown members, butalso the generalpublic pursuing their recreation. This isprovided in a non-confrontational manner,thus increasing the effect it has onindividuals who are more open to learningabout reducing their impact on theenvironment.We encourage you to report any environmental vandalismor damage to visitor facilities that you happen to see toprotect our environment for all to enjoy. Do not interact withthese offenders but if safe to do so, record the followingdetails in relation to the offence.Description of the offence (ie off-road driving, damage tovegetation, damage to facilities), date and time, locationincluding the name of the State forest/park (if known) thename of the site (if known) and the name of the nearest road,vehicle registration of the offender, vehicle make and colour,and identifying features of the vehicle/driver and pass thesedetails to the DELWPs customer service centre on 136 186,to Crime stoppers on 1800 333000 or to your local DELWPSee Something, office or Police Station.These details will be forwarded onto the Departments (orSay Something.Parks Victorias) authorised officers who will follow up on theSome people just matter to see whether the offenders can be prosecuted.dont do the right Prosecutions may not result every time, but with your help wething! can make our forests and parks a safer and more enjoyableplace for all.83'