b'CHOOSING A FOUR WHEEL DRIVEJoin a 4WD clubNewcomers to four wheel driving, new owners of a4WD, or families looking to hit the road for that big triparound Australia, have much to gain by joining a 4WDClub.Why join a 4WD club?If you have just purchased a four wheel drive vehiclewe ask that you consider: Do you know how to drive it? Do you know how to make the best of your gears? Do you know the different techniques needed to be ableto drive competentlyin sand, mud, and other terrainswhile maintaining traction at all times? Do you know how to drive in the best interests of theenvironment and other bush users? Do you know basic recovery techniques? Are you thinking of putting some accessories on yourvehicle? Items such as driving lights, tyres, bull bar,winch, UHF radio, HF radio or suspension? Will your choices be the best for your vehicle? Do you know how to read a map, or use a GPS device? Do you know what to do in an emergency when yourmobile phone does not have a signal? Do you know how to prepare and plan for an extended4WD trip?If your answer is NO to any of these questions, then afour wheel drive club is your best answer to getting intothe four wheel drive scene safely and responsibly.A four wheel drive Club is anideal introduction to four wheeldriving65'