b'REMOTE AREA TRAVEL PREPARATIONA vehicle spending long days travelling on corrugatedgravel roads and desert tracks requires carefulpreparation as extended outback use subjects a vehicleto stresses not experienced in normal four wheel driving.The vehicle needs to be in top mechanical condition.It is a good idea to have it serviced a few weeks beforethe trip by a competent dealership or four wheel drivespecialist.A comprehensive service changing and checking allfluids and replacing all filters should be done.At the same time checkAll drive train and suspension bolts. Suspension rubber bushes. Steering components. Wiring harnesses. Brake lines. Fuel lines. Wheel bearings. Brake rotors and pads. Engine cooling system. Drive belts and hoses.Replace older hoses andbelts rather than relying on carrying spares.Some beltsand hoses can be very difficult to change in the field.Carry the old ones as spares. Batteries. They should be in good condition and of aheavy-duty type. Vibrations can cause battery cells tocollapse.A four wheel drive needs to bethoroughly prepared beforeembarking on an Outback trip.It should be mechanically soundand equipped with appropriatespare parts15'