b'QUICK TIPS: MUD MUD AND ROCK DRIVINGGear QUICK TIPS: MUD Jacks, gloves and GearwinchesTake a shovel and jacking plate so the jack doesnt sink, Rocksliders and bash compressor, and tyre pressure gauge.plates are worth it PreparationPreparation Lower tyre pressure (20Lowering tyre pressures may assist tractionpsi for medium/large sized Driving4WD wagons)For shallow mud be very gentle with the controls, using asDriving high a gear as possible Low range. Use cross-Use the engine brakeaxle lockers Slow and steadyUsually low range, but avoid wheel spin Move rocks if requiredLow Range, use cross axle lockers, diff lockers (if fitted) Beware wet or dusty in difficult terrainrocks: much less tractionDisable stability control Beware loose rocks,Stay in rutsespecially on uphills Try to keep all fourFor deep bogs use a lower gear and power, but checkwheels on the ground with entry, bottom and exit firstequal amounts of weightEnsure you wash your vehicle carefully afterwards Generally put wheels upon top of rocks rather thanstraddle.47'