b'TRAINING COURSESDriver Education Why do a 4WD course? Four Wheel Drive Victoria (a registered Training Organisation (RTO)Your four wheel drive has some amazing Provider No. 21605)capabilities when compared to an ordinary It and 4WD clubs offer the followingcar. It offers the chance to put you into courses: -places rarely visited by people without access to a similar vehicle.Basic, advanced and snow drivingDriving a 4WD vehicle is just another 4WD courseschallenge in life, but a person operating aChainsaw training4WD is using a vehicle that can be 500 kg -Level II First Aid course1500 kg heavier, and is wider and larger insize. It also has a higher centre of gravity,and generally will not stop as quickly as a Undertaking further education two wheel drive vehicle. demonstrates that the person is taking aTo drive a 4WD or off road vehicle responsible approach to their safety and theefficiently and safely requires additional safety of passengers and other road andskills and techniques that need to be learned track users.and practiced, as the use of incorrect tech- These types of courses are being under-niques can result in increased maintenance taken regularly by Government Depart-and repair costs, reduction in safety for ments, corporate bodies and businesses todriver, passengers and other people and in acknowledge a general commitment to safethe worst case can be life threatening. work practices for employees who useThere is an increased emphasis being 4WDs as part of their work.placed on duty of care of the driver of anyvehicle, on the road, in the workplace and inrecreational activities. A person who passesa driving licence test means that they candemonstrate knowledge of the road rulesand that they can operate a class of vehiclethat the licence is issued for. Operating a4WD vehicle off road in varied environmentsrequires different types of skills; and FourWheel Drive Victoria offers courses thatallow participants to learn how to handlemost off road hazards.63'