b'COMMUNICATION GEAR UHF CB Two Way RadioUtilising 80 channels in the ultra highfrequency range. Radio signal travels in aTwo way radio and tele- straight line with distance determined byhow clear the line of sight is, the wattage ofphone communications the radio and suitability and condition of theaerial fitted to your vehicle. In-car radios areshould be considered an 5 watt (maximum allowed) and handheldessential accessory and portable radios range up to 5 watts.No operators licence is required.an extra little piece ofEssential for convoy communicationinsurance for four wheelScanning, listening and communicating toothervehicles or convoys travelling in yourdrivers. vicinity for track conditions and convoylocationsWhether travelling alone, in a group, for Handheld to vehicle communications -just a day or an extended holiday, two wayhandy when a passenger is out of theradio and telephone communications shouldvehicle relaying information backbe considered an essential accessory and Search and rescue communicationsan extra little piece of insurance for four wheel drivers.Use in vehicle recovery situations to relayWhilst 3G and 4G mobile phones may fitpositioning and timing of recoverythe bill, they are not viable for chatting backmanoeuvres.and forwards to your fellow travellersandHF Two Way Radiowhat happens when theres no signal andHigh frequency radio communication thatyou need to call for help? has the ability to transmit and receive over The choices, pros and cons of communi- thousands of kilometres.It provides free to cation equipment are many; however oneair broadcasts (eg; Radio Australia), network piece of advice remains common; teachservices via Selcall and connection to the travelling companions how to use theRoyal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). Users equipment in the event that you are unable tojoin a national radio network and member-do so! ship allows the use of the networks licence for frequencies. An allocated Selcall number and frequencies are programmed into the HF radio and amanual or auto tuneaerial is installed on your four wheel drive. HF is used across distances far greaterthan a UHF radio will cover Radio access to Royal FlyingDoctor Service Allows general transmission in the hopethat travellers scanning frequencies will pick up on your call in times of need22'