b'THE EXTRASNow you start to pick andchoose depending on yourtype of travel. Common accessories include: Air compressor - to reinflatetyres and perhaps put themback on the rim. Snorkel - this doesnt turnyour vehicle into a submarine,but it will help protect theengine from dust and in theevent of a deep water crossing Air compressors are essential for reinflating tyres. This one iswhere you never know when mounted under the bonnet so it doesnt take up space in the cargowater will be deeper than area.planned. Cheap insurance,given the cost of enginesthese days. Dual battery - touring 4WDshave many electrical demandsfrom gadgets to radios toextra lighting, andespeciallyfridges. A second batteryhelps with the load. Long range tank - prettymuch essential for long desertdrives but once you have oneyoull appreciate the ability tofill up when you want to, not Fitting a dual battery provides backup power for running when you have to. accessories, such as a winch and driving lights, while maintaining Driving lights - around the your primary battery for starting the vehicle. Modern engine bays areburbs there are streetlights generally crowded, but aftermarket specialists can assist in fitting aand cats eyes in the roads. second batteryOut in the bush you haveneither, which is where a set ofquality driving lights come intotheir own, often supplementedthese days with LED spreadlights for shorter-rangelighting. Roof rackvery useful forcarrying bulky, light gear andeven if you can fit everythinginside it is handy as a photo-graphy platform, emergencystorage and firewood carrier.An extra fuel tank with another 90L of diesel gives worry free touringrange in remote areas.12'