b'TRACK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEMWhat is 4WD Recreational Track 2. Terrain and track conditions aim toClassification? provide a general description of the likelyThe Four Wheel Drive Track Classification terrain and have limited subjectiveSystem provides a standard four level colour comments such as boggy or rutted as thesecoded system to indicate the degree of can beinterpreted differently by individuals.difficulty of 4WD tracks and routes. 3. Vehicle suitability relates to high/lowThe classification enables visitors to range capability, ground clearance andunderstand the nature of a track before tyres.beginning their journey and allows them to 4. Recovery equipment is advisory onlyplan their trip for their enjoyment, safety and and in line with Tourism Adventure Activitycomfort.Standards and is not mandatory.The track classificationinformation will 5. Driver training and experience is tobe available on publications and maps for guide the inexperienced driver that it may bepromoting 4WD routes, but will not be in their best interest to have driver trainingplaced on road signs out in the field. or further experience before attemptingWho is developing the System? more difficultterrain.The Four Wheel Drive Advisory Group and 6. Weather conditions Drivers need to berepresentatives from the Department of aware of changing weather conditions andEnvironment, Land, Water & Planning, Parks how this may affect tracks they are using orVictoria and Four Wheel Drive Victoria are planning to use. The tracks will be classifiedworking together to implement the system. in dry conditions and most medium, difficultHow does it work? and very difficult tracks will become moredifficult in wet weather.A standard four level colour coded systemwill indicate the degree of difficulty of 4WDtracks and routes.Pre-visit and targeted Further informationinformation will be made available for four Can be obtained by visiting the Fourwheel drive visitors. Wheel Drive Victoria website atWhat criteria is used to classify tracks? www.4wdvictoria.org.au There are six criteria used;1. Standard symbols/signage will beused depicting easy to very difficult tracks.43'