b'Benefits of Club HOW TO JOIN A 4WD CLUBmembership Four Wheel Drive Victoria is your one-stop-shop forAttend a driver training all information about Clubs and four wheel drivingcourse to learn thecapabilities of your 4WD How to join a cluband how to use it safely There are four wheel drive clubs that cater for almostTravel with others in every make of four wheel drive vehicle. These clubs fall safety on free club trips, into two categories:from day and weekend Vehicle manufacturer or model based clubs, such as, trips to extended trips Jeep, Jackaroo, Nissan, Land Rover, Pajero, Range Rover,Enhance your knowledge Suzuki and Volkswagen vehicles. These clubs are primarily of the history, flora, fauna for owners of their nominated vehicles but they do also and heritage of Victoria welcome membership applica-tions from owners of anyLearn about - make or model of four wheel drive vehicle.- new skills from Geographically, locality or special interest based clubs experienced 4WDers and such as CFA, Scouts, Geelong, Goulburn Valley, Horsham, campers South Gippsland, Otway and Yarra Valley. The Idlers and - camping options Offpeak 4WD Clubs are also part of this category, and run - modifying your vehicle club trips on week days rather than weekends.for a safer and more We suggest that you attend several club meetings at a comfortable trip club that meets close to where you live, or has a similar - bush mechanics and how vehicle make to what you own, before you decide which to maintain and care for club to join.your vehicle While all sharing the same core activities, larger clubs - vehicle recovery and can also offer additional training activities and some emergency procedures access to a club property, where driver training can take - great destinations and place.journeys- appreciating and caring Contacts and further informationfor the environment Visit the Four Wheel Drive Victoria web site for aAttend meetings with comprehensive listing of clubs, contact details and links to presentations by experts club websites www.4wdvictoria.org.auin many facets of thisrecreation Assist land managerswith park and forestactivities Assist the community intimes of need 4WD Club InsuranceScheme67'