b'TREAD LIGHTLY IN THE VICTORIAN BUSHPlease help protect the natural environment by following these guidelines Leave no trace of your visit Take out what you take in. Take all your rubbish out with you. Bins are not provided. Keep to formed vehicle and walking tracks. Short cuts cause erosion anddisturb native habitat Minimise wheel spin to avoid track damage in wet conditions Be prepred for the unexpected Let someone know before you go Dont drive in remote areas on your own, always travel with others in case some-thing goes wrong Dogs, cats or other pets are prohibited in national parks When camping you should be fully self sufficient with food, water and campingequipment Always carry a tent or swag. Huts are for emergency use only Firewood supplies are limited especially in the Alpine and sub-Alpine areas, sothe use of camping stoves is preferred Weather can deteriorate suddenly and without warning, and in Alpine areas snowcan fall at any time of the year, including mid-summer Dont hesitate to turn back if the trip becomes too difficult or the weatherdeteriorates Some roads are subject to seasonal closures in winter and early spring, checkclosures before you goTread Lightly!Leave No Trace Of Your Visit!84'