b'Load Distribution Hitches (LDH) ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONLDHs should only be used on highway style roads as adynamic supplementary support to a correctly loaded Towing Capacitiesvehicle / trailer combination. For vehicle towing capacities referNot all vehicles can accommodate an LDH; refer to to the Trailer Towing section ofthe owners manual, tow baryour vehicles owners manual for LDH compatibility with plaque, or your vehicle dealer. your vehicle. Note: Genuine tow bar tow ball position must be maintained.Ensure that your tow barstowing capacity is capable of Do not use with a high articulation coupling if driving towing the load that you intend tooff-road. apply to it. Trailer override brakes are not recommended with theVehicle weight, trailer weight anduse of LDHs. tow ball download can be meas-ured at a public weigh bridge. LDHs should never be used to compensate for Regulationsincorrectly loaded vehicle and trailer combinations. Ensure that the trailer load distri- When negotiating the following conditions, the LDH bution, axle loads, vehicle loading,spring bars must be disconnected: trailer lights, trailer brakes andrear view mirrors comply with all- When driving or reversing into or out of driveways. Federal and State regulations.- Uneven or off-road terrain. Trailer LightsCheck for correct operation of the- Short steep gutters. trailer lights each time you attach- Access ramps. the trailer. Direct splicing of the- Speed humps and dips. light to the vehicle wiring harnessmay damage your vehicles- Performing tight turns at slow speeds. electrical system.- Travelling on severe undulating road surfaces. Trailer BrakesWhen your trailer exceeds a- Steep abrupt inclines or declines. certain weight, trailer brakes arerequired. For information onTow Bar Modification maximum un-braked trailer weight,The tow bar is designed for trailer towing only. Do not refer to the Vehicle ownersmodify the tow bar in any way as this may void the tow manual.Sway Control Devicebar and vehicle warranties. If the total trailer weight is greaterMaintenance than the vehicle weight, use aVehicle sway control device.Safety ChainsTowing a trailer puts an additional load on your vehicle, Safety chains must always betherefore it will require more frequent servicing. used when towing any trailer.Tow bar Ensure that the safety chainsFrequent towing or towing of heavy loads, towing off-road conform to all regulations.Tow Bar Tongueor in rough conditions or any other operating conditions The load rating may change with athat require the vehicle to undergo severe servicing will different orientation of the tow barmean that your tow bar also needs servicing. Check all tongue. A tow bar that can be in-mounting bolts regularly. verted will have a plaque fitted toCheck at the time of vehicle periodic servicing. the tow bar showing the positionthat it can be changed to and theload rating in the changedposition.57'