b'TRAVELLINGWITH CHILDRENTaking your children on 4WD trips intoChildren can travel in the other vehicleremote areas is a great introduction to a and they will entertain each othervery special side of Australia.HelpingParents can share child entertainmentchildren discover and explore the bush, and supervision where necessary wonder at the wildflowers and trees, see First Aid birds and animals in the wild, find history insitu, learn to camp and appreciate nature is Be very conscious of having a wella gift that many will take with them through stocked First Aid Kit and training is recom-their lives.mended. You can be a long way from help ifThe spectacular scenery, fantastic something goes wrong.Keep the Kit wherelocations, meeting interesting people, it is easily accessible in the vehicle withoutsharing a meal around a campfire and learn- having to unpack anything. Some essentialsing to make do are a marvelous introductionBand aidsto adventure travel.Splinter removersSome confident and well preparedAnalgesics and medication for childrentravellers start taking their children on 4WDInsect repellent and bite creamtrips from a very early age. Starting veryDisinfectantyoung allows children to easily get used to atrip. Travelling with another family canFlowing soap and Chux type cloths (theseincrease the enjoyment level for everyone. can be used to wash children and thendisposed of).36'