b'VEHICLE & TRAILER COUPLINGHitchesAlways use a tow bar coupling appropriate for the type oftowing to be undertaken, most commonly a 50 mm ball. Iftravelling off road, use a high articulation towing couplingsuch as a Pintle, Hyland or Treg style.Always maintain the genuine tow bar pivot point (tow ball)position. Towing tips1. Pull over after the first fewGenuine accessoryTow ball pivot point kilometres to check tyres andthe van or trailer.2. Remember the height andweight of the caravan or trailer.3. When overtaking, rememberCAUTION that your total length may beHigh articulation couplings when used with load distribution more than double and accelera-hitches (LDHs) should only be used for highway driving. Do not use tion is reduced.for off-road driving. 4. Always give good signalsbefore any manouvers or turns,etc.The levelness of the trailer may be adjusted on some tow 5. Avoid high speeds.bars by inverting the tow ball tongue to more appropriatelysuit the trailer. 6. If traveling in a convoy, main-tain plenty of space betweenvehicles to allow normal trafficto move through and pass insafety.7. Dont cross flooded cause-ways, as the current can build upagainst the side of the van ortrailer.8. Watch out for high engineNOTE temperatures and fuel use whentowing into strong winds. Slow Some tow bar tongues are in the inverted position as down if necessary.standard. 9. Check the trailers wheel Some tow bar tongues cannot be inverted. Tow ball bearings regularly, particularlyposition can only be changed to allow genuine tow bar before a big trip.designed positions. The load rating may change with a 10. Exercise care on graveldifferent orientation of the tow bar tongue. surfaces, and slow down for A tow bar that can be inverted will have a plaque fitted corrugated roads.to the tow bar showing the position that it can be changed 11. Maintain engine revs on hillsto and the load rating in the changed position. 12. On unsealed and corrugatedroads reduce tyre pressures onboth the towing vehicle andtrailer/caravan accordingly for amore comfortable and saferride.56'