b'RECOVERY STRAP USAGEA recovery strap is the most useful piece of recoveryequipment that can be carried in a four wheel drive andpotentially one of the most dangerous because of theforces at work.A recovery strap is a webbing strap or a specifickinetic recovery rope, which can stretch to approximately25% of its length under load. The stretching builds upkinetic energy, which is used to pull, or snatch a boggedvehicle. Recovery straps are ideally suited to recoveringvehicles stuck in mud, sand or snow. They are not suit-able for recovering vehicles where a slow pull over rutsor rocks is required. The recovery strap should be attached to the towingvehicle and the vehicle to be recovered using suitablerecovery points. Any shackles that are used should berated for the load. A recovery strap should only beconnected to rated recovery hooks, never a winch hookor tow ball. The vehicles should be in a straight linewhere possible. The towing vehicle should always be in ahigher gear than the bogged vehicle (2nd low and 1st low).The strap should be placed on the ground with about ameter of slack in an S or curve to enhance the pull. Arecovery dampener should be used over the strap toabsorb energy if something breaks. Spectators should bewell clear of the recovery area, at least 1.5x the lengthof the recovery strap/rope, and there should be nopassengers in each vehicle. The tow vehicle shouldmove off gently at first, if that fails try again with moremomentum.Never pull too hard as this could cause thestrap to break or the vehicles to be damaged. Once thebogged vehicle has traction both vehicles should stopand avoid driving over the strap. O Radio communication or pre-determined hand signalsP between the drivers are used to control the recovery.P Two recovery straps may be joined using the methodillustrated. Never join straps by tying, or using steel bowshackles. Recovery straps should not be used as a winchextension strap or for lifting. Frayed or damaged strapsor equipment should never be used. All gear should bewashed and stored ready for the next trip on returnps should not be A recovery dampener home.d with a shackle. should be used over This is only a guide and we recommend you attend anbreaks it becomes the strap to absorbapproved 4WD Training course to learn further drivingng missle when energy if something skills and recovery processes.r load breaks51'