b'TYPES OF 4WD TRIPS WHAT IS A 4WD VEHICLE?Four wheel drive owners enjoy a host of What 4WD Vehicle?opportunities, ranging from day trips to A four wheel drive vehicle is one in whichweekend and remoteadventures that may all four wheels are driven or powered. vary in duration from a few days to a few 4x4 means the vehicle has four wheelsweeks. and that all four are driven. A 4x2 vehicle isThe best thing about these trips is that one in which there are four wheels but onlyyou can travel with like-minded people that two aredriven, rear wheels in the case of aare equally as keen to experience the great rear wheel drive like a Falcon or aoutdoors.Commodore, or the front two in, forDay trips example, a VW Golf or a Toyota Corolla. Like all trips, a day trip can range in Within the category of Four Wheel Drivedifficulty from easy to extremely challenging. (4x4) there are many variations. They generally involve some moderate fourAll Wheel Drive (AWD), vehicles arewheel driving, stops for breaks and lunch, usually road cars with the added safety andand arrive back before dark.traction feature of all four wheels beingWeekend Trips driven.These trips can depart on a Friday nightSoftroader, sometimes called crossoveror early Saturday morning and encompass vehicles, are typically smaller or more urbantouring to places like the Victorian High styled vehicles with some gravel, snowCountry, Grampians or Big Desert, with an covered or other low traction road surfaceovernight camp. These are a great ability.introduction to 4WD touring, enabling you Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is an all- en-to travel in a group, enjoying sitting aroundcompassing term used to describe foura campfire and a night under the stars. wheel drives and some two wheel drives.Extended Trips A term widely used in the United States ofAmerica.Generally limited to a small number of vehicles, these trips can travel to remoteareas of Australia such as the Kimberly,Cape York, Simpson Desert, Beadell High-ways and other off the beaten track locations. They offer an ideal way to safelyvisit remote locations.6'