b"CLEAN-UP THE BUSH PROGRAMFour wheel drive club members have worked with the Department of Environment,Land, Water & Planning and Parks Victoria to identify rubbish dumped in the bushand staged clean-up collection daysUnfortunately for many, the bush is seenas an easy dumping ground for unwantedrubbish.This is a major problem for landmanagers and certainly diminishes thebeauty of the bush for those wishing to visitit.A major on-going project of Four WheelDrive Victoria is the 'Clean-up the Bushprogram.Initiated in late 2014, club members havelogged by GPS where significant rubbish hasbeen dumped, and are now stagingcollection weekends.Items such as car tyres, householdgarbage, old TVs and computer screens,carpet and all manner of other items havebeen retrieved so far. Clubs are given GPSco-ordinates where rubbish is located andbring it our to central collection pointsestablished by land managers.The result is win-win for users of the bushand authorities.81"