b'All vehicle manufacturers specify the loadVEHICLE LOAD LIMITS rating of the roof. The load ratings vary considerably from alow of 45kg to as much as 200kg. The loadVehicle manufacturers specify load limits is the combined mass of the rack and itsfor carrying capacity, roof loads and towing load. Just because a rack manufacturercapacity.labels itsproduct as being able to supportGross Vehicle Mass is the maximum a 150kg does not mean that the vehicle roofvehicle can weigh when it is fully loaded. It will. Remember that in off road conditionsis important to adhere to the GVM the roof rack will be under much morerecommended for your vehicle, as over- stress. The roof load ratings can sometimesloading will not only effect the handling, but be found in the owners handbook or fromcan have implications for any warranty and manufacturers websites and dealerships. insurance claims.Manufacturers specify limits for towing.A vehicle with a full fuel tank and fitted A plaque on the tow hitch will detail thewith a bull bar, winch, second battery, fridge Unbraked Towing Capacity (maximum ofand roof rack, plus four people may be 750kg) and the Braked Towing Capacity;close to the GVM limit without adding this will vary up to a maximum ofluggage. The GVM figure should be on a approximately 3500kg. There is also a limitplaque fitted to the vehicle as well as in the on the towball, which has a specific Towowners manual and obtainable from Ball Download weight displayed on the towmanufacturers web sites and dealerships. bar label. We recommend you check theAdding a roof rack to avehicle can be specific towing information for your vehicleuseful for bulky items like tents and swags as published by the manufacturer in theor even a well-secured roof top tent. Owners handbook.The Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) will soon be launching a new website(www.exploreoutdoors.vic.gov.au). This website will bring together comprehensive information on places tovisit and things to do in Victorias 3.1 million hectares of State forest, as well as information on how we areinvesting in nature through the Victorias Great Outdoors Program and the Suburban Parks Program.29'