b'FOUR WHEEL DRIVE TOURINGRecreational four wheel drive touringbegan in the United States post World WarTwo when people began buying war surplusJeeps and exploring back roads and tracksas part of their outdoor activities.In Australia the Leyland Brothers, MalcolmDouglas, Harry Butler and others made filmsand television documentaries about exploring The Outback and people realiseda four wheel drive could open up a world ofexciting adventure. The first Australian fourwheel drive clubs were formed in 1963. Four wheel drives became less utilitarianas manufacturers began catering for the recreational user rather than the traditionalmining and farming market. Magazines andbooks about recreational four wheel drivingbecame very popular and as vehicle salesincreased the aftermarket industry developed to help owners improve their vehicles for touring. Four wheel drive or SUV sales now makeup over 50% of the Australian market.Explore remote locations in theThe first four wheel drive clubs were formed incompany of friends the 1960s and 70s5'