b'BE PREPAREDCareful planning before you leave homewill contribute to an enjoyable trip. Considermaking a checklist that you can use for allof your trips based on the equipment youlike to take.You can use the varioussections in this book to help with the list. Many places are best accessed atspecific times of the year due to seasonalconditions, plan around these optimumtimes. Checking over your vehicle to ensurethat it is mechanically sound, has good tyresand the right gear for the destination shouldbe part of your planning. Personal gear appropriate to the ter-rain, climate and duration of the trip shouldbe checked off in your pre trip preparations.Touring with friends and family ensures a greatopportunity to enjoy and appreciate the bush.By travelling with other vehicles safety in numbersensures assistance if you should loose traction, orget bogged, plus allowing you to travel to remotelocations in safety. 25'