b'If you have to send someone for helpwrite down details as above and make surethat the person going for help is calm andwill travel safely.An EPIRB or Person Locator Beacon is agood investment. These distress beaconscan be activated in life threateningsituations. Purchase one that is GPScapable, as it will provide the exact locationand can result in quicker response times.SurvivalWhile you wait for help, calm and reassure If you become lost orstranded remainthe patient looking for signs of shock, keep calm. It is usually best to stay with yourthe group calm and watch for signs of shock vehicle as it will provide shelter and is easieror distress in them as well. for searchers to spot than people on foot.When you are travelling in remote areas it Ration food and drink. In order to attractis a good idea for an emergency medical attention have firewood and greensheet to be filled out for each member of vegetation on hand to make plenty ofthe group. Individual sheets can be kept in smoke that searchers can see. Bright LEDsealed named envelopes and only used or torches will help direct searchers to yourpassed onto an emergency service person location at night and batteries will lastin the event of an accident or injury. Having longer than conventional torches. details of blood type, existing illnesses, Let someone know where you intend tocurrent medication, health insurance travel so that if you are overdue gettingprovider, name of familydoctor, etc. can home or making a regular call in, they will besave time at a hospital.able to direct authorities to thelocation youPeople reliant on regular prescribed should be in.medications should take those with themeven on day trips. SafetyRisk can be minimised with someIt is recommended that families and common sense. Do a mental safety analysisindividuals have ambulance cover, as of your trip before you set out. Are highextraction from a remote area will be very winds going to bring down trees and blockexpensive. tracks? Is it a high fire risk day? Is heavy rainor snow forecast? Are your vehicle and yourskill level suitable for the terrain you arethinking of travelling in? Are any members ofthe group unwell before you set off?Heed warning signs when Outback touring39'