b' Four Wheel Drive (4WD), typically avehicle intended for both on and off road,use. The term off road is taken to meanrough or sandy tracks that can legally bedriven on. The vehicle will have the ability tohave a low range set of gearing through theuse of a transfer box attached to the gear-box. Less common in this category arevehicles with a very low or crawler first gearinstead of a transfer box.Within the 4WD vehicles some may be permanent four wheel drive. Other fourwheel drive vehicles will have selectable fourwheel drive; two wheel drive for road use includes single and dual cab utilities, trayand four wheel drive for low traction or off bodied vehicles, vans, hard tops, soft topsroad conditions. Some vehicles may also and station wagons. Within some modelshave selectable functions that vary gearing there are long and short wheelbase vehicles;and ride height for different types of terrain. wheelbase being the distance from the frontThe body styles and intended uses of the wheels to the rear wheels.4WD vehicles varies considerably and 7'