b'NAVIGATION & MAPSOwning a four wheel drive gives you the ability to travel in Despite aisolated and remote areas. In these places a basic in-carsat-nav will not give enough detail of the roads and tracks or proliferation oftype of terrain you are driving through.Use a good topographic map to gain an overview and GPS devices,understanding of the terrain you are travelling in before you the ability toset out. These maps will indicate the steepness of the tracks,river crossings, potential camping areas and seasonal closure read and usegate points. Use pre trip map research in conjunction with weather a map isreports. If, for example, the tracks you intend to use have important,many creek and river crossings and there has been or ispredicted to be heavy rain local flooding or increased fording especiallydepths could be an issue. Carry paper maps of your route, destination and adjoining when travellingareas. In Victoria, Spatial Vision has topographic maps, ofmajor four wheel drive destinations. Spatial Vision also has in remote areasdetailed map books covering Victoria. Respected mappublishers including Westprint, Hema and Rooftop plus Stateand Commonwealth mapping organisations all produceexcellent maps. Learn how to find the grid reference for locations in caseyou need to refer to it in an emergency or record it to returnto in the future. Carry a compass so that you can orientate yourself withthe map. There are mapping and navigation apps for Android andiPad tablets and some smart phones and there are otherelectronic GPS devices suitable for remote areas. Thedevices need to have maps preloaded, as you may not haveinternet/phone signal connection. Most electronic navigation devices with preloaded mappinghave a moving map function that pinpoints your location andmoves the map on the screen as you travel. Altitude, speed,heading, and location co-ordinates should also be available. Only iPads with Cellular capability have inbuilt GPS, Wi-Fionly models do not have GPS. You do not need the Internetconnection for the GPS to function. National Park maps in brochure form are available fromparks.vic.gov.au and Parks Victoria offices. The maps usuallyhave locations of camping areas, toilets and other usefulinformation.28'