b'WHY GO FOUR WHEELDRIVING?From the coast to the mountains, rain-forest to the rivers, desert to the plains,Victoria has an amazing variety of wild andremote places to explore and experience.Are you curious about what you mightfind past the end of the bitumen?Watch and hear the wild animals in theirnatural habitat Discover the plants and their flowersgrowing in the bush Find out who explored, lived and workedso far away from others over 150 years ago See parts of Australia as it was forIndigenous Australians prior to European settlement. See how the bush regenerates after abushfire.Gaze at the night sky away from townlights Enjoy the peace of staying in the bush Club members get together at Four Wheel Drivewith your family and learning some bush Victorias 40th anniversary gatheringskillsWith some of Australias best access tothe bush, many areas require a vehicle with4WD low range and high clearance capabilities to access the rugged and occasionally challenging landscapes; and awillingness of travellers to sometimes campout to fully appreciate the natural environ-ment and historical treasures waiting to bediscovered.This Guide is designed to assist you inthe planning, preparation and responsibletravelling necessary to safely, comfortablyand sustainably experience Victoriaslandscape, wildlife, history and culture. 4'