b'When travelling in the remote areas of Victorias forests and deserts on the rough bush tracks, sooner or later something will go wrong for you or someone you meet. Problems occur through changes in weather, vehicle breakages, difficult track conditions and driver error. There are many techniques and specialised equipment available to safely recover the situation.Rated recovery points are essential for attaching recoveryConsider the following training: an straps and cablesadvanced recovery and winching unstable tracks out to a main road can be course, and a bush mechanics course. difficult and dangerous operations. 4WDA well maintained and set up vehicle, with vehicles are heavy and a recovery is the correct quality recovery equipment, and inherently dangerous due to the forces a reputable guide book you have studied involved. Many people have been injured and understood will help you avoid getting and some have been killed when recovery into trouble. situations have been performed by untrained and under and ill equipped people.Plan trips that match your vehicle, equip- Part of the emergency plan is to ensure that ment and driving abilities, and travel withothers who also have training and equip- you have ment.Roadside Assistance cover that will collect Taking the time to prepare yourself well your vehicle if required from the nearestwill pay dividends in keeping you and others 2WD road and look after your safe returnsafe, helping you enjoy your time in the homegreat outdoors and may even save lives.Ambulance Cover as a remote evacuation Recovering a vehicle in the bush, from can be very expensivegetting up a hill, changing a tyre on asteep slope to towing avehicle on steep andA quality recovery kit is an essential investment for fourwheel drivers. Essential items incude: a rated recovery strap, two rated shackles (soft or steel), a recovery dampener and leather gloves. If a winch is fitted to vehicle you will need a snatch block pulley, rated winch extension strap, rated tree trunk protection strap and possibly a rated drag chain.53'