b'On The Move - Tent Swag Roof top tent. Make sure the total massof the roof top tent and roof bars to supportit do not exceed the vehicle manufacturersroof loadrecommendations. The vehiclecentre of gravity and overall height will beraised as with any roof rack. Slip-on camper unit. Make sure the totalwet (loaded) mass does not exceed thevehicle manufactures specifications.A roof top tent can provide a convenient alternative Off road camper trailer. Make sure the to carrying a tenttotal wet (loaded) mass, including ballweight, does not exceed the towing vehiclemanufacturers recommendations. Considerthe type of terrain you feel confident towingin. For example, can you safely back out ifthe track is blocked? 4WD RV (motor home). Usually bettersuited to open terrain and outback trips dueto their width and centre of gravity. Awnings. A swing or roll out awningmounted on thevehicle provides shelter for A roof rack attached awning can be rolled out forcooking, meals or swags. welcome protection from the weatherA base camp - whether tent, trailer or caravan - allows you to venture out on day trips without the need to set up camp each day18'