b'BUSHFIRE SAFETY vehicles can see you.Cover exposed skin as much as possiblewith clothes made of natural fibres. GetCampfire safety down as low as possible below windowCampers must make the effort to know level and cover up under a woollen blanketthe fire danger ratings, check for Total Fire until the fire front passes. Remember toBans and ensure they know how to safely drink lots of water to stop yourself fromconstruct, light and extinguish a campfire. dehydrating. Move the vehicle to safety onlyPlease play it safe and put out your when you feel a reduction in the heat.campfire with water, not soil, before leaving Always carry a woollen blanket in your car ifthe area. It only takes one unattended camp- travelling or working in the country duringfire to go bush and it can quickly endanger the fire season. lives, livelihood and property. InformationCarry hard copy mapsThe website to register for info on planned Electronic mapping devices or mobile burns isphones may be affected by smoke in the https://plannedburns.ffm.vic.gov.auevent of a fire. The VicEmergency Hotline is What to do if you are caught in a 1800 226 226bushfireTry and leave early if a fire is burning inthe region and do so before the firethreatens and road travel becomeshazardous. Leaving late is a deadly option.Have a Bushfire Survival Plan for four wheeldriving and put it into action. If your situationbecomes an emergency, call triple zero(000) to contact police, fire or ambulance.The real risks of bushfire is physicalactivity which can lead to unconsciousnessand death. Radiant heat can also kill, so youneed to cover up, dress to protect yourselfand take refuge from direct heat.If you are driving and see smoke ahead,do a u-turn to safety if you have the option.Avoid being caught out on the road during afire as it is highly dangerous - a vehicle willnot offer safe protection from the radiantheat. However, if you are caught in a fire donot get out and run. Being in avehicle isstill better than being in the open. Pull overto the side of the road into a clear area neara dirt track or less vegetated area.Park behind a solid object if possible,such as a brick toilet block that is clear ofvegetation. Ensure all windows and doorsare tightly closed and shut all air vents. Put When travelling in the bush in Summer monthsthe hazard lights and headlights on so other always have an exit plan in case of an emergency35'