b'CAMPING Toilet time orCamping in the bush is a wonderful way to experience the behind thenatural environment and there are many products available to nearest bush? make your camp a happy, safe and comfortable one. To make your campInvestigate camping suppliers and bushwalking and adventure experience a comfort-sports suppliers.Once you have collected your gear it can be able one and leave theused for many years. surroundings in aCamp gear -clean state for every- Gear that folds up, packs easily and is sturdy one else to enjoy there Warm sleeping bags and blankets and inflatable mattresses are a number of thingsor stretchers you can do - Comfortable chairs, camp tableWhere there is atoilet use it, only Camp light and portable lights, consider a head torch leaving your own Portable gas stove with spare fuel containers waste and toilet paper Shovel and trowel in the sewerage tank Saw for fire wood collectionIf there is no toiletconsider having your Leather gloves for wood and cooking use own change tent at Clothes line cord least 100 metres Water collection container away from campsites Fire extinguisher or streams, withportable toilet or other First aid kit arrangement to carryCampsite - out your waste Camp on a well drained or a raised site. Sandy or hard sur-If on the track withfaces are better than boggy or grassed areas for a camp site no toilet available bury Camp at an existing camp site and not a new one your waste at least20cm deep, at least Only camp where you are allowed to and an appropriate dis- 50m from any water-tance from other campers course, bog, bore or If there is a booking system or fee payable where you plan to dam, mixing it with soilcamp ensure you follow the procedures to help decomposition. In case of rain take a tarp, poles, pegs and guy ropes to rigTake a lighter witha shelter for a comfortable camp, or utilise thecommercial you to burn toiletvehicle awnings available paper in the hole Keep your camp at least 20 metres away from water courses before burying theand the track waste. Take your used toilet Do not camp under trees as they may lose a limb paper out of the bush It is suggested to spend only one or two nights at one camp in ziplock bagssiteTake out all other Do not dig trenches around camp sites sanitary items Check the camp site before you leave for any rubbish orIn snow dig the holeforgotten items down into the soil Obey all campfire regulations and any fire restrictions19'