b'4WD RECOVERYAn essential skill for four wheel driversis to be able to undertake a 4WD recovery, utilising the correct gear tominimise the potential safety riskTREE TRUNKPROTECTOR STRAPIn advanced winch The Recovery Procedurerecovery operations thetree trunk protectorDont rush. Safety firststrap should always beAppoint a recovery leader who will listen to options,used as an anchor for make decisions and manage the recoverywinch rope or snatchblock pulley to protectIdentify the hazards and how to reduce the risksthe tree from damage orReview equipment available from all the vehicles in thering barking. group. If using a winch, check the winch rope or cable forobvious damage before use If using a tree as a winch anchor always use a tree trunkprotection strap Plan your recovery. Agree on signals and communicationto be used by all involved Ensure no passengers in any vehicles are involved in therecovery. Keep all passengers and onlookers at a safedistance from the recovery zone Execute your plan and be prepared to reconsider Dont try a recovery if you do not have the correct equip-ment or skills52'