b'2. For touring/recreation a work vehicle with some carrying capacityIf you are planning a major 4WD trip or there are plenty of great value dual cab andjust want to spend weekends touring, then utilities available. While tradies may opt for ayou will need a 4WD with reasonable carry- utility model, tray or cab chassis model, it ising capacity, clearance and off road ability. the dual cab that offers the greatest There are a number of excellent mid-size flexibility.wagons and of course there are full sized Considerations:wagons such as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi,Security, comfort, price, cargo/tray area,Land Rover and similar. weekend conversion, diesel option.Considerations: New or secondhand Size requirements for passengers and In theory the newer the vehicle the moregear, types of 4WD terrain to be tackled, troublefree it should be, and you may haveengine size - diesel or petrol, availability of the benefit of a longer warranty.spares for Outback touring. A used vehicle can be a good option, if3. Replacement family vehicle you decide on a specific vehicle to meetDepending on likely 4WD usage and your requirements and find it outside yourpassenger requirements there is a wide budget. The secondhand option can be achoice of suitable 4WDs available. You will practical alternative, as with so many 4WDsprobably need one with the option of rear on the road today, many simply have notseating and a reasonable cargo area.had their 4WD capabilities utilised. Be aware, 4WDs unlike other passenger When purchasing a vehicle have it checkedvehicles, require specialised maintenance, out by an authorised mechanic or RACV.and with a higher centre of gravity, drivingcharacteristics are different. 4WD buyers check listConsiderations: Proposed usage: Comfort, intended usage, seating, cargoReplacement of family vehiclearea, running costs, resale valueSecond family vehicle4. As a towing vehicleTowingIf you tow a caravan, boat or horse float aDedicated 4WD for recreation use4WD is a good choice. Their stronger andDual purpose work and playmore powerful engine and greater weightmakes for more stable towing Requirement considerations:ConsiderationsSeating for family. Short or long wheel Size/weight of trailer to be towed, towing base wagon modelcapacity of 4WD.Carrying capacity5. Dual purpose - work and play 4WDComfort, featuresIf you are a tradesperson where you needHeavy-duty 4WD capability Engine size, running costs, petrol or diesel Towing requirements Maintenance costs, insurance, servicing City driving, ease of parking, rear access Purely fun recreation vehicle Restoration project10'