b'SNOW DRIVINGSnow TipsPrepare for all kinds ofQUICK TIPS: SNOW weatherGearEnsure radiator Cold and wet weather gear for everyone coolant is correct ratiofor freezing conditions ChainsSnow can be soft Shovel, recovery gearAllow for higher fuel Winch consumptionPreparationTake a wide jackingplate Lowering tyre pressures may assist tractionVehicle will work hard Fit chains if required, or if snow is deep. If only one set ofDont brake hard sochains, fit to front wheels. Steep uphill, fit chains to rear you dig inwheel. (Refer to vehicle manufacturers Owners HandbookStay in centre of trackfor correct fitting of chains).Reduce tyre pressures Special precautions required for staying overnight in lowUse High or Lowtemperatures, especially for diesels. Range, and Centre DiffLock if fitted Diesels require alpine-grade fuelDriving Usually low range because of low speed, but minimumpower for minimum wheel spin Use gears to slow down, even in autos Beware of ice, especially black ice Follow ruts, but be careful of ice forming in them Navigation is more difficult as you cant easily see thetrack When the snow is too deep to drive across and you haveto drive through it either stop, or deflate tyres further andfloat over the topA novelty for many, snow driving offers new challenges and experiences requiring specific skills and preparation48'