b'Tyre pressures - TRACK DRIVING4WD tyre pressures are QUICK TIPS: DIRT ROADStypically reduced to- Float over soft terrain Gear reduce bouncingTyre repair kit wrap tyre aroundLight-truck tyresobstacles Preparation reduce chances ofpunctureLower tyre pressures may assist tractionDrivingIt is recommended thatReduce speed to match tyre pressuretyre pressure not beSelect Low range 4WD in steep or difficult terrainreduced below 60% ofthe original pressure onExpect the unexpected!normal profile tyres on upEngage 4WD High Range on loose surfacesto 17-inch diameter rims.Disengage ESC (Electronic Stability Contro) on steep hillsOn rims of 18-inch and sand dunes (if fitted)ldiameter or above it isUse a slightly lower gear than normalrecommended that tyrepressure not be reducedHeadlights on for visibilitybelow 80% of the originalAlways stay on formed tracks when four wheel drivingpressure and in practiceSlow down for oncoming vehiclesit has been found thatStop. Make room and give way to oncoming vehiclesbecause of the wide foot- when you are descending on hillsprint of these tyres theymay not need to beWhen following another vehicle keep well back to avoidreduced at all. Be careful dust and increase safety - no tailgatingwhen transitioning from asand, mud or snowsurface to rocky groundwith reduced pressure intyres.Crossing side slopes DONT if you can avoid it! Drive very slow Undulations may increaseeffective side angle Higher vehicle centre ofgravity increases instability Use ruts to stabilize andtrack build To recover from a poten-tial roll, turn uphill/downhilland accelerate Or do not attempt torecover if too dangerous45'