b'Drinks - Keeping food cold - Water from home or purchased drinks, 12 volt fridges are nowcommonplacemilk, cordial, juices, wine, cask or bottled, although an auxiliary battery is stronglybeer, cans or bottled recommended to run them safely. An Esky Long life milk and cream are useful with ice is useful for short trips. FridgesWater - increase the variety of food available on a Take ample water for all cooking, drinking, trip.washing and cleaning needsKeep drinks cold Boil all wild water for at least 10 minutesPack items securelyor use a purifying system such as PuritabsEnsure the packaging wont breakbefore useLighter items arent squashed Carry water in strong containers that areCommonly required items are easilyeasy to use and carry around the camp accessible Do not take all your water in one containerUse plastic containers and ziplock bagsin case it leaks for ease of identification and storage Store drinking water and wild water inRunning a fridge or part of a fridge oneasily identifiable separate containers Freeze can assist on longer trips Collect water upstream of toilets, huts andCan take ice creamcampsitesStore meat and prepared food for longer Do not wash or clean your teeth in (label the food and include use-by dates onstreams, lakes or dams. Wash away from longer trips)water. Liquid items - Follow camp hygiene and wash hands toConsider storing the container inavoid becoming ill with gastro another container to contain the liquid inEmergency food and water supplies - case the original container does break e.g. Carry spare supplies in case you are not milk containers including cartons and plasticable to arrive home when you plan or need bottles, honey, cordial, jam, pre preparedto lend your supplies to others in need mealsStorage and shelf life -Place some rubber bands around alu- Package items so they take the least minium drink can to protect the cans fromamount of space and will not burst open or rubbing through.break causing a mess and wasting food and Quarantine restrictions -drink Note quarantine areas in Victoria where Protect milk cartons, glass and plastic you are not permitted to carry fruit andbottles and containers from damage by the vegetables from other States in case youconstant shaking and jolting of the vehicle cant carry all your fruit and vegetables fromon a rough track home and need to stock up on your trip Cryovac systems for extending the life of www.interstatequarantine.org.comfresh and cooked meat, vegetables and fruiton longer trips Tins are heavy but are a durable and longlife storage for food and drink Vegetables and fruit, pre prepared food,juices, deserts, drinks, meats and soups32'