b'TRACK CLOSURESSeasonal road and track closuresForest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVIC)and Parks Victoria (PV) implement seasonalroad closures and some temporary closures(ie. due to works or after severe fire orweather events) to ensure driver safety aswell as protect forests and park roads fromdamage. The seasonal road closurestypically start after the Queens Birthdayweekend and end prior to Melbourne Cupweekend. Some seasonal closures may beput in place early, or extended, in the eventof early onset of winter rains or late winteror spring rainfall.The closures are necessary in some partsof the state because roads in our parks andforests have the potential to become verywet. Road closures will have signs and gatesEmergency closures and it is an offence to drive on these closedroads.On Code Red days of extreme firedanger many parks, reserves, roads and Some forest roads would suffertracks will be closed. There will be warn- significant damage if they were left open allings on local radio, department websites year round so the Department assessesand signage in local towns and at park or them each year and then after consultationreserve entries.with key stakeholders, including Four WheelDrive Victoria, close any that require it.Emergency closures may also be inplace during times of natural disaster for We want everybody who uses the roads inexample, flood or fire.our forests and parks to make sure theyknow which ones are still open over winterInterstate closures and restrictions and stick to those during the closure period. Shires, state or territory government For further information on current anddepartments and National Park rangers proposed road closures visithttps://map-can close outback or rural roads, tracks share.vic.gov.au/mapsharevic and click onand camping areas. The access may be the More To Explore layer to view roadrestricted due to local flooding, water closures. Road closures can also be viewedlogged roads after heavy rain, damaged in Forest Fire Management Victorias Morebridges and causeways, cyclone damage, To Explore mobile app (download fromferalanimal control programs, fire fight- Google Play and the App Store).ing or post fire activities. Heavy fines areapplied to travellers using closed outbackroads. 26'