b'Babies and toddlersKEEPING CHILDREN INTERESTED AND They often sleep through the roughest bits Use a neck support when appropriate ENTERTAINED In the tent a baby can sleep in a low plas-Install a back of front seat storage tidytic tub with a sheep skin underneath (the tub for games, books, pencil cases, smallcan be used for storage during the day) cars, toys To keep a baby warm at night put to sleepCarry lots of books including books withwith extra clothes on so the covers cant be pictures of native animals so they can bekicked off identified Include some type of change tableHave regular stops to investigate thearrangement in the back of the vehicle bush, historical sites, allow children to runaround and play and encourage them to go Take a backpack babycarrier to take to the toiletbabies on walksColouring-in books Take a cheap pusher which can double asOlder children can keep a journal thata highchair and to restrain the baby when they had to draw or write in each day. Usethey become mobile this to paste in brochures, maps and other Take a square plastic tub with a secure lid items of interestand carry on the roof rackUse maps to discuss where you are- Use as a bath (toddlers can stand up in for going and progress being madebathing)Play games such as eye spy- Line with heavy black plastic bag to use asTake music CDs including the childrensa bin for disposable nappies until they can favouritebe disposed of.Older childrenPlay audio books Good quality sleeping bags are importantHave plenty of food to munch on duringso they will sleep warm at night the day such as fruit and muesli bars Thermals are good for children to sleep inHave a Treat Box that can be used as areward for something good happening or Polar fleeces are warm and will dry quickly winning a game Handheld UHF radios are helpful when theyPack one soft toy each that comes out atgo off exploring. night to reduce the risk of losing the toy orit becoming too dirtyClothing, footwear, wet weatherAround camp give your childrenTake changes of clothes and shoes to appropriate jobs to do such as:allow for changes in the weather, clothes - get the pegs ready for the tentbecoming wet and dirty and ensuring you - put the poles togetherhave dry clothes to travel and sleep in. - get out the malletRemember to take sun and rain hats, rainjackets, gloves, scarves and swimwear. - blow up the beds- pull the sleeping bags out- put the pillows on the right beds- help collect the firewood and find agood stick to cook the marshmallows on37'