b'OPERATION OF VEHICLES & TRAILERS COUPLED TOGETHERStability There are many factors that will have an affect on the stability of your vehicle and or trailer/caravan. Tyre pressures Ensure all tyres and tyre pressures on the vehicle and trailer are to manufacturers specifications. Vehicle weight Check that maximum loaded weight of the vehicle does not exceed the manufacturers specification.Re-distribute the load/weight in the vehicle and or trailer, keeping in mind tow ball download. Vehicle Axle Load Ensure that the vehicle axle load is within manufacturers specification. Refer to the vehicle owners manual for more information. Trailer weight Check that maximum loaded weight of the trailer does not exceed the manufacturers specification, or the tow bar towing capacity.Combined weightCheck that the combined vehicle and trailer weight does not exceed manufacturers specification. If necessary re-distribute the load/weight in the vehicle and ortrailer, keeping in mind tow ball download and tow barcapacity. Tow ball download Ensure tow ball download weight is correct as shown on the tow bar rating or vehicle manufacturers published rating.Driving styles Change driving styles to suit trailer towing and road condition. No fast steering inputs, hard braking, or high speeds. Worn suspension Check both vehicle and trailer for any worn or broken suspension components. Replace or repair accordingly.Vehicle/trailer Check the alignment of the suspension on both vehicle and alignment trailer. Repair or adjust accordingly. Cross winds Be aware of cross winds and sudden wind gusts, reduce yourspeed accordingly. Larger vehicles Be prepared for wind buffeting and trailer movement whilst near trucks. Correct trailer The trailer must be suited to your vehicle and your intended use. Before Towing Ensure the trailer lights operate correctlyBefore you begin towing your trailer, carry out aCorrect installation of all towing equipmentpre-towing safety check.Ensure the tow ball is correctly tensionedThese checks include, but are not limited to: Ensure the trailer cargo is securely loaded and Correct vehicle tyre pressures tied down Correct trailer tyre pressuresEnsure that all mirrors are installed59'