b'WELCOMEDiscover Four Wheel Driving is the perfect introduction to recreational four wheel driving in Victoria and beyond.In Victoria we have some of the best four wheel drive destinations in Australia and your vehicle will open these travel opportunities to you as well as allowing you to learn new skills and form new friendships.This guide will assist you in choosing the most suitable four wheel drive vehicle for your needs. Whether an existing, or first time four wheel drive owner you will find tips on setting up a vehicle to make it more capable for touring. Handy information is provided on safe driving techniques for a variety of terrain, towing, plus driver training and other educational courses to improve your skills, to ensure you get the most from your 4WD. Sections on trip planning, destinations, navigation, communication, road closures, first aid, safety, weather and survival will help you make informed decisions about where, when and how to travel. In the destinations pages there are notes and maps showing specific iconic four wheel drive destinations that cater for a variety of skill levels.Once you are on the road there is advice on camping including a guide to suitable food and storage solutions. The booklet provides details on how to join up with some like minded people and have an enjoyable time together travelling, learning and sharing each others knowledge. You can do this by joining one of over 95 4WD clubs in Victoria, and become one of the four wheel drive community and contribute to the community service and support work that clubs and Four Wheel Drive Victoria participate in.Enjoy your four wheel drive in a safe and responsible manner anddiscover the opportunities that four wheel driving can open up to you.Discover Four Wheel Drive Touring partners3'